Global Compact Network

Global Compact Network

At Howart Compliance, we can proudly announce that we have been admitted as a member of UN Global Compact Network Denmark in addition to our Norwegian branch already being member of UN Global Compact Norway. The networks are Denmark and Norway’s largest networks for accountability in the business community.

For us as a company, it makes sense to be part of the network across our markets, as we strive to combine our expertise within regulatory compliance with the larger goals of ethics and compliance in business management across industries.

As a consulting company, most of our work is done in collaboration with our clients and authorities. To support that work and to enhance our focus on supporting sustainable business development, we are looking very much forward to engage in and be inspired by the UN Global Compact Network’s experience and actions regarding responsible business operations and adherence with the Ten Principles.

We look forward to being an active member and continue our contribution to a more responsible and sustainable future.

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