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Regulatory Support

Our industry experts are on top of the latest and upcoming legislations. We provide assistance clients across the financial sector and offer regulatory updates. We provide a broad variation of support packages from monthly updates or quarterly reports to annual reviews and regulatory workshops.

Gap Analysis

We assist both established financial institutions and fintech startups by performing gap analyses to ensure if they are complying with relevant legislation. From review of business procedures and internal policies to reporting and input regarding optimisation and best practice, we offer a broad variety of solutions, depending on your organisation’s maturity and the scope of the gap analysis. Let us get in touch and discuss the possibilities and benefits for your organisation!


At Howart Compliance, we work actively to optimise business processes and implement regulatory changes into our clients’ businesses. We assist in the process of drafting business procedures and policies, the implementation of best practice and the ongoing support to provide valuable sparring to our clients and ensure compliance with the latest national and European legislation.

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Let us be your partner in compliance

We ease the burden of compliance

Do you need regulatory support? We provide assistance to our clients by screening new legislative proposals and regulatory frameworks. Though our proactive approach, we enable our clients to be on top of their regulatory compliance and focus on their core business by providing a balance between regulatory requirements and business priorities.

At Howart Compliance, we work actively to optimise business processes for you, enabling you comply with new regulatory frameworks and always comply with applicable legislation. Our experts have the operational industry experience to support you in complying with documentation requirements, information requirements to public authorities as well as risk management and reporting to the competent authorities.

At Howart Compliance, we assist clients in combating money laundering and terror financing (AML & CTF) by providing regulatory guidance and implementing best practice business processes and internal controls. From formal descriptions to implementation and ongoing support, we assist our clients in balancing between regulatory requirements and business considerations through our innovative approach to technological advances, regtech deliverables and intelligent consulting engagements.