Whistleblower Solution


At Howart Compliance, we have developed a whistleblower platform that is both easy and intiuitive to use. Furthermore you are able to comunicate anonusly with the whistleblower. The system is encrypted in a way that protects the user, his IP and information in general. The solution meets both European and national requirements in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


If more that 5000 employees please contact us for a tailored quote and whistleblower scheme.

You can read more on www.EuroWhistle.com

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Sigurd Mathisen


Why choose us

No whistle should be unheard

  • Direct whistleblows from internal and / or external
  • The rightful recipients will be notified
  • Subsequent secure communication
  • Possibility to attach appendices to the report
  • Can be accessed from multiple browsers and platforms
  • Supported in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English
  • Offered as a white-label solution
  • Ongoing support
  • Opportunity to purchase policy advice and business procedures for the whistleblower scheme
  • If desired, a solution can be established where Howart Compliance is designated as the recipient of alerts
  • Possibility of anonymous whistleblows
  • Encrypted direct communication with whistleblower
  • Option to remove metadata from attachments
  • Good overview for recipients of whistleblows
  • Can be accessed via Tor browser (extra layer of encryption)
  • Everything is logged securely and encrypted
  • Hosted on secure servers in Denmark

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