Whistleblower Solution


At Howart Compliance, we have developed a whistleblower platform that is both easy and intiuitive to use. Furthermore you are able to comunicate anonusly with the whistleblower. The system is encrypted in a way that protects the user, his IP and information in general. The solution meets both European and national requirements in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


€ 100

Less than 50 employees, price per month

€ 250

Less than 500 employees, price per month

€ 500

Less than 5000 employees, price per month

If more that 5000 employees please contact us for a tailored quote and whistleblower scheme.

You can read more on www.EuroWhistle.com

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Why choose us

No whistle should be unheard

  • Direct whistleblows from internal and / or external
  • The rightful recipients will be notified
  • Subsequent secure communication
  • Possibility to attach appendices to the report
  • Can be accessed from multiple browsers and platforms
  • Supported in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English
  • Offered as a white-label solution
  • Ongoing support
  • Opportunity to purchase policy advice and business procedures for the whistleblower scheme
  • If desired, a solution can be established where Howart Compliance is designated as the recipient of alerts
  • Possibility of anonymous whistleblows
  • Encrypted direct communication with whistleblower
  • Option to remove metadata from attachments
  • Good overview for recipients of whistleblows
  • Can be accessed via Tor browser (extra layer of encryption)
  • Everything is logged securely and encrypted
  • Hosted on secure servers in Denmark