Data Protection

According to GDPR Enforcement Tracker the largest GDPR fine yet given was Amazon Europe Core S.à.r.l. for non-compliance:


Data Protection

All companies that process personal data must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), in a manner adapted by the business. GDPR places great demands on each organization regarding documentation and routines and can at the same time create internal uncertainty regarding what is allowed to do with the internal data that consist of personal data. The broad scope of the application of GDPR and the ambition from authorities to regulate all processing of personal data can lead to uncertainty among organizations regarding what applies and how to act. Since a few years has passed since GDPR came into force. It may also be time to review the implementation to see that all went as planned and all parts of the regulation was considered. Through the increasing digitalization the use of personal data in many cases might have changed thus other aspects to include in data protection must be reflected.


At Howart Compliance, we work actively to optimise business processes for you, enabling compliance with new regulatory frameworks and compliance with applicable legislation at all times.

DPO as a Service

At Howart Compliance we make it easier and simpler for companies to meet all GDPR requirements and when using us at an external data protection officer (DPO) you will get a tailored solutions, ensuring that you get the most out of your resources without compromising the quality of your internal processes and control environment.

Our consultants are available to assist with DPO tasks, where we adapt our scope of work to your needs – from stand-alone engagements to complete outsourcing.

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Do you need regulatory support? We provide assistance to our clients by screening new legislative proposals and regulatory frameworks. Though our proactive approach, we enable our clients to be on top of their regulatory compliance and focus on their core business by providing a balance between regulatory requirements and business priorities.

At Howart Compliance, we work actively to optimise business processes for you, enabling you comply with new regulatory frameworks and always comply with applicable legislation. Our experts have the operational industry experience to support you in complying with documentation requirements, information requirements to public authorities as well as risk management and reporting to the competent authorities.

At Howart Compliance, we assist clients in combating money laundering and terror financing (AML & CTF) by providing regulatory guidance and implementing best practice business processes and internal controls. From formal descriptions to implementation and ongoing support, we assist our clients in balancing between regulatory requirements and business considerations through our innovative approach to technological advances, regtech deliverables and intelligent consulting engagements.