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At Howart Compliance, we offer extensive expertise and experience to support you before, during and after the application process. Our experts have the operational industry experience from several successfully approved FSA licenses for banks, financing companies, payment institutions and investment firms.

We can assist you in the entire process and our team of experts have the required knowledge and expertise to handle all types of license applications with the Financial Services Authority, for example:

Let our experts handle the application process

We can get you easily through the FSA application process

Extensive operational experience

Our team of compliance experts has assisted multiple financial institutions, investment advisors, financing and fintech companies in the process of applying for an FSA license. Our team has the operational experience to review your business plan, formulate business procedures and policies, assist in the process of establishing adequate internal governance and control structures. We assist in the process of Fit & Proper approval and with the application for authorisation for acquisition of (or increase in) a qualifying interest and handle the dialogue with the FSA before, during and after the application process.

Dedicated financial services advisory

We can provide tailored advisory and support, as our only focus is regulatory and operational compliance and risk management for financial institutions. Our clients include small, medium and large entities working with alternative markets, banks, cooperative savings banks, clearing centres, financial holding companies, insurance companies, investment management companies, investment advisors, money-market brokers, mortgage-credit institutions, regulated markets (authorised market places and stock exchanges), ship finance institutes, savings bank limited company, electronic money institutions, central securities depositories and securities broking companies.

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FSA application made easy - here is why:

As we state in our slogan “Knowing how is an Art”. We have for many years dealt with FSA supervisory dialogue and applications. We know the regulation and requirements and know how a regulated company should be run. Several of our Partners have applied for and run FSA supervised companies during their careers. This gives and (and you) an advantage over a proven application process.

In recent years, we have become a market leader in the number of supervision applications. We have several clients who have been referred to us, wrapped we are extremely proud of. If it interests you, we can send client testimonials from satisfied clients we have helped with the FSA application.

We know the prices in the market and know that we are significantly lower than, for example, the large law firms. Our focus is also that the work we do with, for example, Policies and Procedures must be operationally applicable in the company’s future operations. Our pricing model is a fixed price for a given application – simple and no surprises.